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Get to know us

We take pride in being different.
Being better.

All classes offered by Cozumel Dive School follow PADI standards. 


PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors®) is the world's largest and leading diver training organization with more than 6,600 dive centers and resorts and over 137,000 professional members worldwide. Issuing a million certifications each year in 186 countries and territories, PADI makes underwater exploration, travel, and adventure accessible to people around the world while maintaining the highest industry standards for dive training, safety, and customer service.


Our Story

Cozumel Dive School has been present on the map of Cozumel since May 2015, but the story of its PADI Pro programs: Divemaster Internships and GoPro Cozumel reaches back to 2011. That’s when Platinum Course Director Mike Sobel started training people fascinated with the underwater world to become divemasters and scuba diving instructors, but rather than making it just courses, he created the whole internship program. People were coming to Cozumel, sometimes with some degree of diving experience, but many times just at the beginning of their diving adventure, and in a matter of a few weeks of training they were getting the skills and knowledge needed to start their career as PADI Pros. 

One of those scuba-diving bums was a Swede, Kenneth Stromberg, who came here for a Divemaster Internship and soon returned, as many did, to finish his Open Water Scuba Instructor course in 2014. Many say Ken has gills instead of lungs, but what he also might have is octopus’ brains for business. Seeing the need to provide the existing programs with hands-on experience in training brand new adepts of scuba diving and making a life-turning decision to switch cold Swedish climate to the heat of Cozumel, he created a dive school that would open Cozumel reefs to recreational divers.

With the school, the students of 2 pre-existing programs gained the opportunity to observe and assist in authentic courses with authentic challenges that scuba diving professionals face in their job. At the same time Cozumel island won a unique place where students of all levels, starting from Open Water, Advanced and Rescue all the way up to professional ratings, can meet and share their experience. Over the years, the school earned a strong position on the Caribbean diving market and developed into a PADI 5 star IDC.

In 2017 Mike decided to retire and move his life to the other hemisphere, to Vietnam. Ken initially bought the 2 renowned professional programs combo to eventually become the sole owner of the whole business in autumn 2017. That is also a year when the school and its components moved to a single location, with its own pool and hostel-style lodging in 2 adjacent houses. Living close to Tiki Beach, from where we do most of our shore dives, having more space for gear and training, getting a beautiful mural by a local artist Bner - all that was great but soon we realized we might need a bigger house. 

Working on merging everything under one Cozumel Dive School brand continued on the Internet, as well as in real life. We got rid of our office downtown and in December 2019 we moved everything into a new location: a big, 3-story building in the heart of San Miguel de Cozumel, a few steps from Avenida 30 - a street lined with budget-friendly taquerias. And this is where we are waiting for you now! We have the whole 1st floor dedicated to our Divemaster trainees and recreational level students staying with us. The office, video room, and classroom are located on the 2nd floor, along with 3 studios and a 2-bedroom apartment for our IDC candidates. The 3rd floor is Ken, Kaja, Rico and Ginger’s kingdom. 

The Dive House faces a decent size training pool with an eagle ray mural on one side and a spacious gear room and tec room on the other. The premises are guarded by two fierce cats named Rico and Ginger. 


Cozumel Dive School's main mission is teaching: recreational, professional, and technical levels of diving, however, we also do fun diving and Discover Scuba dives. Our yearly number of certifications for all levels comes up to roughly 1500. The school successfully consolidates Divemaster Internships and GoPro Cozumel programs, proudly holding a 100% pass rate and receiving great feedback from both, students and examiners. Up to 2023, we have certified over 7000 students including 1500 PADI Professionals. We believe that through a flexible, professional, yet fun approach to teaching, we can instill our passion for diving and the marine world in others and train them to be responsible, safe and environment-sensitive divers. If you’re looking for the highest quality and most complete scuba education in a diving paradise, come learn with us here in Cozumel!

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