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Divemaster Overview

Divemasters Internships is a training program by Cozumel Dive School.


When you complete the PADI Divemaster course, you become a member of PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors.) The P in PADI stands for Professional. That means it’s something you can do for a living. It’s an actual job. Members of PADI are divemasters, assistant instructors, instructors, and upwards in the PADI structure. Becoming a Divemaster is the first step on the PADI Pro path. 

Divemaster training can really be considered vocational scuba training. You’ll learn what you need to know to work in recreational scuba diving such as guiding certified divers and assisting instructors when they teach courses. You’ll also learn how to introduce scuba diving to people who have never dived before and you’ll help divers who’ve been out of the water for a while refresh their skills in a safe manner.

Why CDS for Divemaster Training?

Why CDS for DM training?
What's Included (and not)?

What's included?

All Divemaster Internship prices include free accommodation in dorms in the Cozumel Dive School Dive House. Contact us for the price if you prefer to have private accommodation in one of our studio apartments (based on availability).


The Divemaster Internship price includes: 

  • pick up from either Cozumel International Airport or Cozumel ferry terminal (if you’re staying with us)

  • full training (diving, classroom, exams)

  • fun diving on non-training days

  • equipment rental (apart from personal equipment as stated in prerequisites)

  • transportation to dive sites and the port

  • marine passes & entrance fees

  • free accommodation in our dorm-style Dive House during the Internship


NOT included in Divemaster Internship cost. Please be sure to budget for these things: 

  • Meals, flights, visas (if applicable), insurance

  • PADI Divemaster application fee (USD 156, paid by credit card only) that will enable you to keep your Divemaster status valid till the end of a given year. This is the required payment required upon successful course completion. 

Divemaster Internship
Options & Costs


Divemaster Internship I 

Starting as a non-diver

8 weeks required

Includes lodging in our Dive House

$3975 USD

$3425 USD internship & $550 USD PADI eLearning


Divemaster Internship II

Starting as an Open Water Diver

8 weeks required

Includes lodging in our Dive House

$3634 USD

$3149 USD internship & $485 USD PADI eLearning

Open Water Diver course in the pool.jpg

Divemaster Internship III

Starting as an Advanced Open Water Diver with a minimum of 20 dives

6 weeks required

Includes lodging in our Dive House

$2929 USD

$2509 USD internship & $420 USD PADI eLearning

OWD_ Bene _ Cristian out-of-air practice.jpg

Divemaster Internship IV

Starting as Rescue Diver

4 weeks required

Includes lodging in our Dive House

$1980 USD

$1690 USD internship & $290 USD PADI eLearning

DM Options & Costs

Divemaster Internship

Curriculum Details

The criteria for earning your Divemaster certification is the same in any PADI school, but not all dive schools are the same. At Cozumel Dive School we pride ourselves on taking learning a step beyond. We believe that in order to become a PADI Pro Divemaster you should be exposed to as many diving experiences as possible. We give you all that at Divemaster Internships in Cozumel. Thank you for choosing us! 

During your Divemaster Internships with Cozumel Dive School, you will complete the following modules. 



  • Divemaster eLearning with nine chapters followed by Knowledge Reviews (covering a role of a Divemaster, physics and physiology of diving, diving equipment and environment, decompression theory and RDP tables, Divemaster conducted programs and business of diving)

  • online Final Exam, part one and part two

  • RDP/eRDPml lecture

  • PADI Divemaster video

  • Prepare an Emergency Assistance Plan for a local dive site



  • Complete water skills exercises (swims, float, equipment exchange)

  • Pass a rescue diver assessment

  • Complete 24 skills workshop and assessment



  • Prepare a map for a local dive site

  • Assist with scuba equipment maintenance and pre & post-dive boat preparation

  • Brief and lead experienced divers onshore & boat dives

  • Complete Search & Recovery workshop & assignment

  • Complete a Deep dive scenario



  • Complete ReActivate, Advanced Snorkelling Supervision, Discover Scuba Dive in Confined and Open Water, Discover Local Diving with customers of Cozumel Dive School



  • Assist Cozumel Dive School instructors with their Open Water Diver students during their Confined and Open Water dives

  • Assist Cozumel Dive School instructors in any Continued Education courses

  • Guide certified divers under PADI instructor’s supervision on their open water dives



  • Display active and positive participation in training sessions show a positive attitude and demeanor towards students, divers, and Cozumel Dive School staff

  • Become a role model to student divers

  • Show concern about the environment and propagate positive practices to protect it



  • Display proper equipment cleaning & maintenance

  • Participate in the equipment repair workshop

  • Visit at the scuba tank filling station (depending on availability)

  • Visit at Scuba Repair to attend hydrostatic tank test presentation and regulator service workshop (depending on availability)



  • DCS/DCI lecture

  • Hyperbaric chamber tour

  • Attend a simulated dive in a hyperbaric chamber (depending on availability)



Additional opportunities: 


  • Thanks to years of experience and cooperation with our partners at Scuba Repair, we take groups of Divemaster interns to show them how Larry and Javier service regulators and test scuba cylinders. If you’re interested in getting even more knowledge, Scuba Repair can organize a 5-10 day course of scuba equipment servicing and maintenance after which you’ll become a certified PADI Equipment Specialist. Ask your instructors for more details!

  • We also offer a full range of PADI specialties that you could complete after or even during your Internship (time permitting, additional course fees apply). You can choose from:

- Enriched Air Diver (NITROX)

- Deep Diver

- Wreck Diver

- Sidemount Diver

- Project AWARE

- Self Reliant Diver

- Tec 40, 45 and 50

- Tec Sidemount

  • Once finished with the Divemaster Internship, you can continue your professional diving education and become an Assistant Instructor or PADI OWSI Instructor. More about those courses here.

  • We might have job placements in our school for the right candidates who successfully complete the Instructor Development Course with us, depending on the season and availability. Multiple language skills, marketing/sales/programming/social media/customer service background will be highly regarded.


Participating in the Divemaster Internship does not guarantee your certification. All PADI course certifications are performance-based and require completing and passing all the course components.

DM Curriculum

Divemaster Prerequisites

  • Minimum age 18 years old

  • Certified as PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and Rescue Diver (or other agency equivalents)*

  • Minimum of 40 scuba dives logged when you start your Divemaster internship

  • EFR Primary & Secondary Care training completed within the previous 24 months (we don’t accept online courses, you can do the EFR course with us)

  • Physical fitness confirmed by PADI Medical Statement signed by a physician within the previous 12 months

  • Personal dive equipment: dive computer, Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB) & reel, cutting device (preferably a Z-cutter; dive knives are not allowed in the Cozumel Marine Park per regulations)

  • Personal insurance covering scuba diving accidents (you can buy DAN insurance here)

  • Agreement to Cozumel Dive School Terms & Conditions


*If you are coming as a non-diver or Open Water Diver, you will have to complete PADI Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver and accumulate 40 dives before you start your Internship. See Divemaster Internship Options & Costs section.

If you are certified with an agency other than PADI, we can transfer your current recreational certification level to a correspondent PADI diving level with no additional time or charges.

DM Prereqs
DM Payment & Cancellation

Divemaster Internship

Payment & Cancellation

  • To reserve your spot: A non-refundable $500 USD deposit is due with your booking.

  • Full payment deadline: Due 6 weeks prior to the program start date.

  • Payment options accepted: 

    • PayPal (added 5% transfer fee should be paid by student)

    • Cash (US dollars or Mexican pesos). Please contact us prior to payment for the current conversion rate to avoid shortages and extra fees

    • National bank transfer via one of our bank accounts (Mexican, Australian, Swedish, Polish, Canadian) - allow minimum 3 banking days for transfers. International transfer might be possible, allowed up to 5-7 days for international transfer and sender pays any international transfer fees.

  • Cancellation Policy & Fees: 

    • 30 or more days prior to arrival: forfeit 30% of the total cost (excluding deposit)

    • Less than 30 days prior to arrival: forfeit 60% of the total (excluding deposit)

    • Once the internship started: non-refundable

    • Read our complete Terms & Conditions for more details


Participating in the Divemaster Internship does not guarantee your certification. All PADI course certifications are performance-based and require completing and passing all the course components. You are not entitled to any refund if you are unable to adequately pass all course components. 

Apply to Divemaster Internship

Are you ready to do this? 

Did you read all the details above? 

Are you stoked to start your professional dive career?

Let's jump right in! 

Here is a rough look at your application process so you know what to expect.

  1. Select the Divemaster Internship program right for you based on experience. 

  2. Fill out the application form below. This will be sent to Cozumel Dive School and you'll be working with Meghan to coordinate the details of your training. 

  3. Things you'll need to consider before filling the form: 

    • What is your current certification level and how many dives do you have?

    • When you you like to start?

    • Would you like to stay with CDS in a shared, dorm-style Dive House? ​

    • Why should we accept you to our Internship program?

    • Have you read and agreed to our Terms & Conditions?

  4. After you send this info to CDS, you'll be contacted by Master Instructor Kaja for some follow up questions about your training. ​

  5. If you are accepted into the DM program, to secure your spot you'll need to send Cozumel Dive School a deposit of US $500. We will also ask you for a short bio (about 100 words) and a decent photo so we can see your lovely face. We'll use this on our social media. 

  6. Travel to Mexico and start diving! Check out our Divemaster Internships Adventure Guidebok.

Apply for DM Internship
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