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We know that things can happen before or when on vacation. We are 100% transparent with our refund and cancellation policy, but it is your responsibility as a student and/or diver to be aware of these terms. There are no hidden rules or small print. Please inquire with Cozumel Dive School management if you have questions about any of the details. 

Prices as listed on website is subject to change without notice. Current prices are valid for courses starting before 31st of Oct. Courses starting from 1st of November are  subject to price increase for 2024. Current peso to USD conversion is 18:1 (subject to change without notice).

Payment options:

  • PayPal (added 5% transfer fee should be paid by student)

  • Cash (US dollars or Mexican pesos). Please contact us prior to payment for the current conversion rate to avoid shortages and extra fees

  • National bank transfer via one of our bank accounts (Mexican, Swedish, Polish, Canadian) - allow minimum 3 banking days for transfers. International transfer might be possible, allowed up to 5-7 days for international transfer and sender pays any international transfer fees.

Personal belonging:
Cozumel Dive School will do everything we can to secure your personal belongings during diving with us. But Cozumel Dive School and our staff are not responsible for your personal belonging. Any personal bags, dive gear, phones, dive computer, cameras and so on that dives bring for diving are their own personal responsibility. Any personal belongings given to staff of Cozumel Dive School for storage or use is still your responsibility. Any loss of personal belongings during any activity with Cozumel Dive School is your responsibility. And loss of any personal belongings should be claimed towards your insurance company.  

Refund & Cancellation Policies

  • Modifications of your dive reservation with 24-hour notice: You are able to change your dive activity date at the discretion of Cozumel Dive School, free of charge and subject to weather and availability, with a 24-hour notice.

  • Modifications of course with less than 24-hour notice: There is a USD 50 course rescheduling fee applies to OW, AOW, EFR, RES & Spec Course. In the case of Reactivate, Refresher, Try Diving, Discover Scuba Diving programs, the rescheduling fee is also USD 50.

  • Modifications of fun dive with less than 24-hour notice: There is a USD 50 rescheduling fee if fun diving if modified with less than 24-hour notice.

  • Cancellation by the Client: If the Client fails to show or cancels less than 24 hours before a dive trip, or joins it after the start, or leaves it prior to its completion, no refund will be made, unless by prior agreement between Cozumel Dive School and the Client that only a portion of the dive trip is to be undertaken. For Christmas, New Year, and Easter seasons, the cancellation notice is extended to 48 hours before a dive trip. If the Client cancels a trip or course, the deposit is not transferable to any other person.

  • Medical Clearance: The customer needs to provide a medical clearance authorization (from a certified medical provider) prior to starting the course. The course cost does not include the cost of a medical visit. If a student fails to provide a medical clearance, no refund of the deposit is given.

  • Cancellations or Modification due to sickness or other medical conditions: if the Client is not able to participate in a diving activity due to sickness, a written statement of an approved DAN physician is required. If a customer cancels the dive activity due to sickness, the deposit is non-refundable. If a Student cancels a course activity, partial refund is given according to our general refund policies. If a Student wants to reschedule, we will do everything possible to do so, but the rescheduling fee applies according to the above. If rescheduling isn’t possible at that time, the client shall receive a partial refund based on what part of the course was not completed. Deposits for courses are non-refundable, regardless of the reason of cancellation as they cover the eLearning cost.

  • Studio accommodation: Extra cost for studio upgrades are non refundable and paid in advanced. 


Our general refund policies are:

  • Fun diving: cancellation 24 h before the start, a deposit of $50 is refunded

  • Fun diving: cancellation less than 24 h before start, a deposit of $50 is non-refunded

  • Discover Scuba Diving: cancellation 24 h before the start, a deposit of $50 non-refundable

  • Discover Scuba Diving: cancellation less than 24 h before start = no refund

  • Open Water course: cancellation 24 h before the start, a deposit of $200 non-refundable

  • Open Water course: cancellation during day 1 = $100 refund

  • Open Water course: cancellation during day 2 = $50 refund

  • Open Water course: cancellation during day 3 = no refund

  • Advanced Open Water course: cancellation 24 h before the start, a deposit of $200 non-refundable

  • Advanced Open Water course: cancellation during day 1 = $50 refund

  • Advanced Open Water course: cancellation during day 2 = no refund

  • If a diver cancels his/her dive trip, a refund will not be issued for the eLearning or books provided.

Modification to the course due to course requirements not met by a Student

All courses are performance-based, not time-based.

Example: Most Students finish the Open Water Diver course in 3 days, while a few may need extra days. The price of the Open Water Diver course (as shown on the website and confirmed in the email) is for a 3-day course. Additional cost (USD 50 per student per day) applies if a Student requires extra days of pool or shore training. Additional cost (USD 100 per student per day) applies if a Student requires extra boat trip. Students are obliged to study their course material prior to the course start and finish reading the theory prior to the time indicated by their instructor (in case of Open Water Diver course, chapters 1-3 along with Knowledge Reviews and Quizzes 1-3 MUST be completed before the open water dives 1 & 2). It is up to the instructor to evaluate Students' readiness to move on to the next day. We prioritize safety and Students are not allowed to move on if they are not ready.

Cancellation by the Company

  • All our activities are highly weather dependent and Cozumel Dive School reserves the right in any circumstances to cancel the tour. In instances where Cozumel Dive School cannot provide the fin diving tour booked, we will return to the Client all deposits paid or we may offer the Client an alternative trip. In case of courses, the deposit paid is not refundable as it covers the cost of e-learning; an alternative course schedule will be offered to the Student. If an alternative trip is refused by the Client, Cozumel Dive School retains the right to deduct the administrative cost resulting from such transactions.

Alterations to Itineraries

Although every effort is made to adhere to dive schedules and itineraries, Cozumel Dive School reserves the right to alter dive schedules and itineraries at any time if it is in the Client’s interest to do so or when forced by weather considerations. For fun diving trips, if the Harbor Master has officially closed the port, a refund will be given. Cozumel Dive School may not be responsible for any compensation to the Client if we are forced to cancel or in any way change trips due to force majeure, namely war, riot, civil strike, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, traffic congestion or any other external circumstances beyond Cozumel Dive School’s control.

Authority on diving trips & courses / Exclusions from diving trips & courses 

The decision of a diver/ Divemaster / Instructor employed will be final on all matters likely to endanger the safety of the group. Cozumel Dive School will not be responsible for or liable to any Client who commits an illegal or unlawful act in any way. The Client may be excluded from the trip without any refund for the trip/course. If Cozumel Dive School considers the Client unsuitable for a trip/course, it may in its absolute discretion cancel such Client’s booking or decline to carry the Client further if that Client causes danger, inconvenience, or annoyance to other clients. If Clients are found to be under the influence of alcohol/drugs prior to an activity tour, the tour will be canceled with no refund.

If the diver chooses to interrupt a fun diving trip, dive experience, or dive course, there are no partial refunds. If a Staff Member chooses to interrupt an excursion, tour, or dive course for reasons other than listed above, the amount equivalent to the unused portion will be refunded.

Divemaster, IDC, and Tec Courses

  • Cancellations more than 30 days prior to Course start date: refund deposit or full payment made on-course training. No refund is applicable on course materials.

  • Cancellation 30 to 14 days prior to Course start date: Deposit will not be refunded. (If you have another candidate to replace you, a full refund applies). Reschedule training - without extra charges. If full payment has been made, we will refund the full amount minus a 25% booking fee. No refund is applicable on course materials.

  • Cancellation within 72 hours prior to Course start date: no refund is given.

  • Cancellations due to sickness or other medical conditions preventing Clients from taking the course: we would request a written statement from a doctor, in which case we will do everything possible to reschedule the course without extra cost. If rescheduling isn’t possible at that time, the Client shall receive a voucher which will be valid for 2 consecutive years.

  • Cozumel Dive School advises you to arrange travel cancellation insurance with your local insurance for these cases, so you could be refunded for any medical conditions.

  • Cancellations or termination without notice: no refund.


Cozumel Dive School General Policies

  • Full tuition fee must be transferred 30 days before the course starting date.

  • Cancellation due to sickness while taking our courses = no refund. Our team will reschedule the remaining course modules at a later day.

  • Certification Requirements for Divers: All Clients booking fun diving trips with Cozumel Dive School must show proof of certification (through their relevant training agency) to the minimum level required before they are able to dive. If you are unable to provide proof of certification, you will not be able to dive and may forfeit all deposits paid.

  • Health Requirements: The Client acknowledges being aware of the proposed trip/course and hereby confirms that he or she is medically fit, in good health and is able to embark upon the trip/course. Any Client with a pre-existing medical condition or illness must declare the true nature of such condition at the time of booking. Such a Client would be required to provide a medical statement from a General Practitioner stating that they are “medical fit to undertake scuba diving”. Cozumel Dive School and its representatives will treat such information in the strictest confidence.

  • Payment: Partial or full payment is required on bookings for scuba diving trips and scuba diving training.

  • The full amount of the activity due by the Client must be paid prior to the time of all courses and dive trips.

  • Information Relevancy: Information given in all brochures, leaflets, websites, emails, and advertising is given in good faith by Cozumel Dive School and these are based on the latest information available at the date of publication. Cozumel Dive School reserves the right to change any of the facilities, vehicles, or boats described in the brochures, leaflets, website, emails, or any other advertising without becoming liable for compensation or refund. While every endeavor is made to keep to the prices advertised in the brochure, leaflets, website, emails and advertising Cozumel Dive School reserves the right to increase the prices at any time due to any unforeseen increases or exchange rate fluctuations to which it may be subjected. Surcharges will not be applied after confirmation of bookings.

  • Photo/Video/Marketing Consent: Clients should be aware that the team of Cozumel Dive School may take photographs or films of the Clients while on any of the dive trips. We reserve the right to use such material for any advertising or brochure production without obtaining consent and without payment to the Client. Please let us know upfront if you don’t want to be present/tagged on the photographs posted on our social media.


Acknowledgment of Covid-19 & other diseases risks

  • Risk Exposure: Individuals shall be aware of higher exposure to Covid-19 and other contagious diseases due to the specifics of the scuba diving industry. Participation in CDS dive activities means Individuals accept that risk and agree to follow all the health and safety policies, precautions, and assessments implemented by Cozumel Dive School, its partners, and local authorities. Individuals acknowledge that the aforementioned protocols are aimed to reduce virus transmission but they do not guarantee the risk of exposure to Covid-19 and other diseases.

  • Testing or Possible Exposure Protocols: If at any point during their activities with CDS, an Individual shows symptoms of Covid-19 or other contagious diseases or has been in contact with a confirmed case of the aforementioned, they are required to inform CDS Staff, take an appropriate test (student incurs cost).

    • Awaiting test results: the Individual must self-isolate until obtaining the results of the test.

    • Negative test result: the Individual may return to CDS activities per normal.

    • Positive test result: the Individual must self-isolate for the time recommended by a physician and may return to activities organized by CDS only after showing a negative test result.

    • Lodging for self-isolation: if self-isolation is required, AND an Individual is staying at CDS accommodations, they shall find a separate accommodation (student incurs cost) and may return to CDS premises only after showing a negative test result. Cozumel Dive School shall not be held financially responsible for the cost of the aforementioned accommodation costs.

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